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Chill vibes ONLY.


We believe in your body’s innate intelligence that is designed to heal you. We prioritize creating a warm, calm, and welcoming atmosphere for our clients, staff and visitors. Our team is dedicated to making sure everyone who walks through our doors feels comfortable, valued and supported. We believe this type of environment is essential for promoting happiness and optimal health expression.

Dr. Joi Gaddy Egbuniwe

Dr. Joi Gaddy Egbuniwe is a highly skilled and experienced healthcare professional, with expertise in chiropractic and physical therapy. As a board-certified practitioner in both fields, she has dedicated her career to providing comprehensive and personalized care to women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey. With a passion for perinatal health, Dr. Joi has established herself as a leading expert in the field. She is known for her compassionate bedside manner, exceptional clinical skills, and unwavering commitment to her patients.


Dr. Joi uses a holistic approach to care, combining the best of chiropractic and physical therapy techniques to help women achieve optimal health and wellness. Her expertise in perinatal care, combined with her passion for improving health outcomes, make her a sought-after practitioner for women seeking care during this transformative time.

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